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Dog Wash and Dog Grooming Derrimut

Dog Wash and Dog Grooming Derrimut

Do you live in the Derrimut area? Do you have a dog that needs to be groomed? If so you should take your precious pooch for a short drive to the Modern Dog Grooming Salon in Tarneit. The professional groomers here would love to help your dog look and feel their very best.

The Modern Dog Grooming Salon of Tarneit offers a wide range of services to leave your dog looking fabulous. The packages start at a very reasonable $25 and can be customized to meet your dog’s needs. We also offer nail trimming and ear cleaning in addition to our regular packages. Our packages are designed and priced based on the size and hair length of your dog.


We are determined to make sure that your dog receives the five star grooming that they deserve. For this reason, we only schedule a limited amount of dog’s each day. Grooming appointments are scheduled for 2 ½ hours for each dog. This is to ensure that we can move through the grooming appointment at the pace of your dog. We want the grooming experience to be as pleasant as possible for your dog and that means taking our time and doing it right!


At the Modern Dog Grooming Salon of Tarneit we use only the highest quality pet safe products to groom your dog. Each grooming package includes hand washing your pooch with shampoo twice and rinsing them with nice warm water. Then we apply a really nice conditioner and dry your dog with either a high velocity dryer or towel dried with a stand dryer. Depending on your grooming package your dog will then have their hair trimmed around their face, feet, legs, eyes, bottom and groin. Your dog will then have their hair brushed to give it a nice shiny finish. We will then clean your dog’s ears and trim their nails. Our final touch is to apply a high quality pet deodorizer to your dog.


We also offer puppy grooming packages to introduce your pet to great hygiene right from the start. In addition to our grooming packages we can also trim your dog’s nails between their grooming sessions. We don’t require an appointment for nail trimming, but we do suggest that you call ahead to confirm availability. Within our facility, which is air conditioned and heated, we have plenty of room for your dog to relax if they need to wait for your return after their grooming appointment.


Derrimut is just a short ride away from the Modern Dog Grooming Salon of Tarneit and what pooch doesn’t enjoy a car ride? So give Toon a call to set up your appointment today. Bring your dog to get the best we have to offer in grooming services. Here grooming your dog and leaving them looking and feeling their very best is not just a job it is our passion. We can be reached Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday by appointment. You can reach us at 0466005572, we look forward to hearing from you!