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Dog Grooming Melbournes West

Dog Grooming Melbournes West

Are you a dog owner who lives in the western suburbs of Melbourne in need of a grooming service? If so, look no further! The Modern Dog Grooming salon of Tarneit is ready and willing to meet all of your dog grooming needs.


Here at the Modern Dog Grooming salon of Tarneit we offer a wide variety of grooming packages for dogs of all ages and sizes. We do require an appointment for our grooming services to ensure that all dogs get the high quality grooming care that they deserve. Our appointments are generally booked in two hour blocks to allow the groomer to move at your dog’s pace and to keep them as comfortable and relaxed as possible.


You are probably wondering what kinds of packages we offer at the Modern Dog Grooming salon. We have several packages that you can choose from. Our first package is only available for short-haired dogs and is called the bath and dry package. This package includes brushing out the loose coat, hand bathing your dog twice with warm water and high quality shampoo, the shampoo is followed by a high quality conditioner. After the bath your dog will be dried with a towel and a stand dryer or by a high velocity dryer. Your dog will then have their ears gently cleaned and their nails clipped. This package is completed by applying a high quality pet deodorizer to your dog.


Our bath, dry, and tidy package is a full grooming package for medium to long haired dogs. This package begins with trimming the fur around your dog’s eyes, paws, groin, and bottom. The loose coat is then brushed out before we hand bathe your dog twice with our fabulous shampoo and warm water. Conditioner is then applied and your dog will be dried before we clean their ears, and trim their nails. We will then trim the coat around their face, feet, and legs before we give them a nice final brushing. This package also includes the application of pet deodorizer.


Our full grooming package is also available for medium to long haired dogs. With this package your dog is pre-clipped and given a thorough brushing. Your dog will then

have the fur around eyes, paws, groin, and bottom trimmed. Now your dog is ready for their bath! They will be hand washed twice with shampoo, and that will be followed by conditioner. After your dog is nice and dry we will clean their ears, and trim their nails. They will then receive their final clipping and have a nice final brushing to leave the coat beautiful and shiny. To complete the package they will have an application of high quality pet deodorizer.

Here at the Modern Dog Grooming salon we only use the highest quality pet shampoos, conditioners, and deodorizers. We are eager to leave your dog looking and feeling their very best. The next time your dog needs a grooming appointment remember the Modern Dog Grooming salon of Tarneit just a brief drive away from the western suburbs of Melbourne.