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Dog Grooming Williams Landing

Dog Grooming Williams Landing

Just a short drive from Williams Landing is Modern Dog Grooming that specializes in pampering your pet while making her look beautiful. The warm water shampoo will make your pet feel comfortable and calm while her coat becomes shiny and soft again. Your dog can get her nails trimmed her ears cleaned and a final clipping of her new hair cut or a final brushing of her conditioned coat as part of her salon experience.

Many groomers only allot 1 hour for the grooming process, however, we find that 2 ½ hours allows us more time with your pet. This extra time at Modern Dog Grooming gives your dog time to relax and get to know us so her visit is enjoyable and not stressed due to having to rush.  During this time, your dog will get two warm water shampoos. One shampooing is not enough to get all of the dirt out of her coat. The first shampoo does not completely clean your dog, so we shampoo a second time to make sure that your dog is truly clean. We will then follow our relaxing shampoo with a high quality conditioner to make her fur soft and silky. You have your choice of a high velocity dry or a towel dry with a stand dryer.

Depending on how furry your furry friend is we will trim the hair around her eyes, paws, groin and bottom and brush out the loose coat before we shampoo her.  Modern Dog Grooming will discuss what type of haircut your dog may need.  Your choice may be different from another dog owner of the same breed. We can create whatever type of cut you want for your dog.

We have special services for your puppy, too. Grooming will be an ongoing part of your dog’s life. Introducing her to the salon as a puppy can be very important. An adult dog can feel intimidated when they first go to a salon. There are people they don’t know touching them and sounds they have never heard before. Introduce your puppy to the salon experience at a young age, she will feel comfortable getting groomed as she gets older.  Give us a call and we can go through what we would suggest for the newest addition to your family.

Modern Dog Grooming, very close to Williams Landing, is the place to bring your dog for all her grooming needs. We use only the finest quality shampoos, conditioners and grooming products on your dog. Our salon is located in Tarneit, Victoria and is heated during the winter and air conditioned during the summer for the comfort of you and your dog. Our staff is dedicated to the giving your dog the best experience in grooming whether she just needs a bath and a nail trim or a new haircut. We also offer flea treatments. Give us a call today to make your appointment.