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Dog Grooming Truganina

Dog Grooming Truganina

Pet clipping for your dog will make your best friend look chic and sophisticated with modern styling from the groomers at Modern Dog Grooming in Tarneit, Victoria. We are a very short drive from Truganina. This short trip will guarantee your dog has the best dog grooming experience in the area.

Do you know the correct amount of clipping your dog needs? Some dogs need pet clipping more often than other dogs to keep their coats looking stylish. How often your dog needs a clipping, depends greatly on the breed. Poodles and Yorkshire Terriers hair grow continually, so they need to be taken to the groomer more often than other breeds. Dogs with long silky coats, like Lhasa Apso, will need a different grooming schedule. Wiry coat dogs have different grooming needs and can be groomed less often. The professional dog groomers at Modern Dog Grooming will be able to tell you exactly when you need to have your dog’s coat clipped.

Our groomers will tailor a grooming schedule for your pet so you can learn how often you need to have your dog come in for a shampoo and conditioning treatment. These treatments make your dog’s coat look shiny and healthy. Just as important as your dog looking good is making sure his skin is healthy.  The experienced dog groomers at Modern Dog Grooming will inspect your dog’s skin and coat for any problems that might be hiding under his fur.  Our groomers are trained to detect skin diseases like rashes, bald patches or lesions. When the groomer is inspecting your dog’s skin she will take a peek into your dog's ears and make sure there are no unwanted visitors living there. It is very important to detect any type of skin or ear problems early. When our groomers catch these problems early, you can start treating any difficulties sooner rather than later.

Your dog will get a full five star grooming experience - pet clipping for long hair or shorter hair dogs plus a shampoo and conditioning treatment. We can just trim around his eyes, paws, groin and bottom or give him a whole new style. We also offer nail trims and flea treatment without an appointment. We will finish his beauty treatments with a high quality pet deodorizer so your dog will look and smell wonderful.

Modern Dog Grooming in Tarneit, Victoria, a short drive fromTruganina will become your favorite place to bring your dog for his pet clipping. Our groomers will take their time with your dog and make him feel relaxed. We will take the time needed to meet with you and make sure that we understand which services you want and what style will be best for your dog. You can also give us a call at 0466005572. We would love to talk to you about how Modern Dog Grooming can help you with all your dog’s grooming needs.