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What its like to be a dog groomer

What its like to be a dog groomer

Hi! My name is Toon and I am the owner of the Modern Dog Grooming Salon in Tarneit. Modern Dog Grooming in Tarneit is a relatively new business, but I have been grooming dogs for years. I am a trained professional, and I chose this business because I truly love grooming dogs and making them and their human companions happy. 

I have been grooming my own dogs for many years, and when you bring your dog to Modern Dog Grooming in Tarneit I will treat your dog as though it is my own pet. I prefer to schedule grooming appointments in two and a half hour blocks so that I can take my time with each dog, and give them all of the attention that they need. Some groomers will schedule short appointments in order to squeeze more dogs into their schedule. I prefer the longer appointments so that I can move through the grooming process with your dog at their own pace. 

You may be thinking “Well, why can’t I just groom my dog at home?” You can certainly groom your dog at home, but a professional dog groomer, like myself, will have tools and techniques that you may not have at home. Here at Modern Dog Grooming we have a spacious salon that is heated and cooled to make sure that your dog is as comfortable as possible. 

Our grooming appointments begin with a thorough inspection of your dog. A grooming appointment is an excellent way to get a clear picture of your dog’s overall health. I will then discuss with you how you would like your dog to be groomed if any hair clipping is necessary. I want to make sure that your dog is groomed exactly the way that you want them to be. 

After the visual inspection, and discussing the grooming style that you would like, your dog will either be pre-clipped or bathed. All dogs at the Modern Dog Grooming salon are hand bathed under warm water, not once, but twice. After your dog’s coat has been thoroughly cleaned a conditioning treatment will be applied. After the shampoo and conditioner your dog will then be dried. Here at the salon we have both a stand dryer and a high velocity dryer. 

Your dog will then have their ears thoroughly cleaned, and their nails clipped. I will then trim and brush their coat for a nice shiny finish. To finish up the service I apply a nice deodorizing spray. I also offer flea treatments and sensitive skin treatments that can be added to any of our grooming packages. All of the shampoos, conditioners, powders, and flea treatments are of the highest quality because I believe that your dog deserves the best!

If you would like to schedule an appointment to have your dog groomed at the Modern Dog Grooming salon please call 0466005572. The salon is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday by appointment.